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Our Subteams

Attitude Determination and Control Systems

The ADCS subsystem is responsible for assisting with orientation control of the satellite within space through tools such as magnetorquers and reaction wheels, as well as sensors (IMUs, sun sensors, GPS) that assist in determining the location and orientation of the satellite. The electrical subteam is responsible for the ADCS subsystem.



The business subteam is responsible for many behind the scenes tasks of UW Orbital. This includes securing funding, reaching out to sponsors, and keeping track of finance and budgeting. The business subteam also manages marketing and brand creation, social media, organizing outreach events, content creation and technical writing, and recruiting students.

Command and Data Handling

The Command and Data Handling (CDH) system is composed of the primary microcontroller and all the interfaces between the various subsystems. Command and Data Handling is managed by the Firmware subteam. The Firmware subteam uses C and computer science concepts to create a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) that will be used in the CDH system.



The communications subsystem handles the interface between the ground station and CubeSat. Major components relevant to this subsystem include the antenna, transceiver, and ground station equipment. The electrical subteam is responsible for the communications subsystem.

Electrical Power Systems

The EPS subsystem is responsible for power production, distribution, and management. Major components of this subsystem involve the solar panels and batteries. The electrical subteam manages EPS.

solar panels.jpg


The Mechanical/Structures subsystem includes the actual bus (frame) of the CubeSat, any other relevant mechanical systems, such as a battery holder. The mechanical team is also responsible for Finite Element Modelling (FEM) and thermal analysis.


The Payload subsystem is composed of the Selfie-Sat camera, and any secondary payloads.

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