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Image by NASA

Our Team

Orbital consists of 1 big family divided into 8 subteams:

  • Attitude, Determination and Control System (ADCS)

  • Business

  • Command and Data Handling (CDH)

  • Communications (Comms)

  • Electrical Power Systems (EPS)

  • Integration

  • Mechanical (Mech)

  • Payload


The ADCS subsystem is responsible for assisting with orientation control of the satellite within space through tools such as magnetorquers and reaction wheels, as well as sensors (IMUs, sun sensors, GPS) that assist in determining the location and orientation of the satellite.


The business subteam is responsible for coordinating team social media accounts, developing marketing materials (posters, website, logo, social media content), running outreach events, assisting with recruiting events, handling finance/budgeting, and reaching out to sponsors/mentors.


The CDH subsystem is responsible for handling data (telemetry, system health, etc.) and uplinked commands. The CDH team is also responsible for designing the onboard computer and the team’s software architecture.


The communications subsystem handles the interface between the ground station and CubeSat. Major components relevant to this subsystem include the antenna, transceiver, and ground station equipment.


The EPS subsystem is responsible for power production, distribution, and management. Major components of this subsystem involve the solar panels and batteries.


The Integration subsystem is in charge of ensuring that communication is done within the different subsystems and that all work is well organized and that the timeline goals are being met.


The Structures subsystem includes the actual bus (frame) of the CubeSat, any other relevant mechanical systems, such as a battery holder. The mechanical team is also responsible for Finite Element Modelling (FEM) and thermal analysis.


The Payload subsystem is composed of the Selfie-Sat camera, and the secondary payload - QEYnet’s infrared laser beacon.

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