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Our Mission

The University of Waterloo's Cubesat Team is a group of determined individuals, all with their own skills and abilities, who are coming together to build a CubeSat. This CubeSat and our team will embark on a journey, diving deep into aerospace, firmware, material science, optics, and data handling, to compete amongst other university teams in the upcoming Canadian Satellite Design challenge.

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What are CubeSats?

CubeSats are a type of inexpensive satellite as opposed to traditional costly satellite. The affordability of CubeSat allows for rapid prototyping, and provides a path for student organizations to get involved in the space industry. CubeSats are often boarded onto larger satellites and once the main satellite has deployed, they are released via a "dispenser", which includes a spring that pushes and releases the satellite once a signal is sent to the dispenser to open its hatch.


Our Payloads

Our primary payload is a "Selfie-Sat" camera that provides Amateur Radio Operators (AROs, also known as ham radio operators) to communicate with the CubeSat and retrieve a picture of a given set of coordinates, all in pursuit of furthering amateur radio education. Join our team or contact us to learn about Selfie-Sat camera as well as our secondary payload.

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Project Timeline

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